Hi, I'm Bryan đź‘‹

I design user experiences and develop user interactions in order to help make life a little bit better for those around us. Simply put, I work to bring simplicity to complex interactions— through good, honest experiences.

I work as an HCI Engineer inside of the Information Technology department at Chick-fil-A here in Atlanta. In my career, I've gotten the chance to work across platforms and HCI disciplines and I've gained experience that has influenced how I work, helped me better understand those around me, and allowed me to create products that are enjoyable and empowering. Currently, I help set and execute the direction for the usability of production technology systems in Chick-fil-A smart kitchens across the country.

Delivering a great User Experience is a process; it involves understanding people and solving the problems that matter.

How I Work


What needs to be designed?

My process always begins with time to explore ideas, set goals, and define a direction for the design. I take the time to understand the constraints, the competition, and ultimately the vision for the user and his or her experience.

User Research

Who is the design for?

In order to deliver a great user experience, you have to understand your users in a very real way. I like to build out user personas and begin making assumptions that can be tested and validated. This is the only way to build something that will be usable and useful in the real world.

"Your personas are only as good as the research behind them." — usability.gov

Tasks & Flows

What will the user do?

Using the tested assumptions made around our users and their goal tasks, I draw out the primary user flows, the secondary flows, and even the edge cases. I want to make sure each task is understood and has a designed solution.


How is the content laid out?

Wireframes are all about the content. I work to organize each of the elements of the design in a way that is intuitive, enjoyable, and helpful for the users as they work to accomplish their tasks and goals.


What is the look and feel?

With high fidelity prototypes, I use the principles of design to bring the wireframes, tasks, and flows to life. Through heuristics, visual hierarchy, and brand identity, I create a holistic user experience around the product that saves time, effort, and money while reducing misinterpretation and waste.


How will it work?

There are so many tools to help develop the designed solution, both physical and digital. I match the appropriate development tools to the job at hand in order to build out an exceptional experience for the users— an experience that is simple, yet empowering.

Iterate & Improve